Lesson Plan for Grade 1 English Grammar l Nouns


Today we will review what we studied in naming words yesterday and practice using them even more.

Take out your notebooks and write what I am writing on the board or you can use these worksheets.

sisterhouse balloondog
brothergarden toycat
Noun table

Explanation of table

  1. Let’s start by reviewing the main grammar concept for today. Open your copy and write/draw this table of naming words.
  2. Let’s get into pairs and pretend to stand near the board(or actually yo can call them over the board) and read the list.
  3. Now let’s each say one more sentence about a PERSON, PLACE, THING, or ANIMAL that you see in one of the paintings or flash card.
  4. Finally, each of you choose a NAMING WORD for a person, place, thing, and animal from the list on the board. Ask your partner a question using each naming word, and answer your partner’s questions!

Teacher tip:

Teacher Tip

You may model questions such as: Have you ever ridden a horse? What is the colour of your pen? Do you have a garden at home? Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Exercise to be solved in the class:

1. Choose and write only the naming words.

bee funny blue cake bottle sad

2. Which boxes have naming words for THINGS? Write the words.

bag phone mother mouse park table

3. Sort the naming words into the correct circles.

A. grandma B. shoe C. lion D. teacher

E. office F. sea G. fan H. monkey


4. Rewrite the sentences to say what you have in your room at home.

I have a _____________ and a ______________ in my room. I also have a ____________and a _______________.

5. Write 2 sentences about the toys you like most.

You can start with the given words.

I like___________________________________________ .

I love my ______________________________________ .

{End of Lesson Plan 2}

We hope you’ll find this lesson plan useful in your class……. Happy Teaching.

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