Lesson Plan for Grade 1 English Grammar l Nouns


Dear students, today we will learn about naming words. To start with the class, the teacher must have a main idea or aim of the class which is meant to be taken.


Our main idea for today’s class is to sort naming words into people, places, and things. so we’ll start the class by saying to students, “Today we will learn how to name and sort the different things that we see around us.”

Resources Needed


  1. Let’s get into groups of Four students.

2. Let’s Play a game! Look at this picture!

Tell…What is its name?

3. It is a pen. Now, tell me: Is it the name of a person, place, thing or animal?

Raise your hands to answer! We will write the answer on the board.

4. The word home is the name of a place. Now, look at this picture.

What is its name? Does it name a person, place, thing, or animal?

What is this?

5. The word Tina is the name of a girl or a person. Now, look at this picture.

Now, look at this picture…What is its name? Does it name a person, place, thing, or animal?

6. The word cat is the name of an animal. Now, look at your picture cards in your groups and share their names in your groups.

7. Which picture names a person? A place? A thing? An animal? Sort (to arrange things in groups that are similar in some way) them into 4 separate groups.

8. You can show any video from Youtube or you can create/ record and show in class.

Activity Discussion

ok, now let’s discuss the activity.

Ask: What were the names of the pictures and how did you sort them?

(You can here from any 3 students in your class.)

Explanation (by teacher): The names of the pictures were the boy, school, bag, and dog.

We sorted the naming words(name of a person, place, thing, or animal) based on whether on each of them was the name of a person, place, thing, or animal.


Now ask again:

What is the same about all these words? And different?

(Let any 4 students express their opinion.)

General Explanation:

  • All these words are naming words. This makes them the same.
  • However, they all name different things.
  • For example, Kartik is the name of a person. School is the name of a place.
  • Bag is the name of a thing and dog is the name of an animal.
They are all Naming WordsKartik names a person.
School names a place.
Bag names a thing.
Dog names an animal.

Now it’s time to challenge students:

Question: How ELSE can we sort these words: Kartik, school, bag, and dog? (allow only 2 students to attempt to answer)


  • We can also sort these words, based on the letter that they begin with.
  • We can arrange the words in order on which letter comes first in the alphabet.
  • For Example, we will place the word bag before dog as the letter B comes before the letter D.
Which letter do these words begin with?
Which letter comes first in the alphabet?
Let’s sort these words in order.
Kartik, School, bag, dog bag, dog, Kartik, School

After that, make students practice more on these worksheets.

More tips for Teachers

This is a good time to walk around the class and see what each child is doing.

Those needing more help

Ask students to look at the board. Ask questions like: Is a box an animal or a thing? Is the fish a place? What is it? Is the girl an animal or a person?

Extra Challange

Number these words, in order, from 1-5, based in the letter that comes first: cow, ant hut, jug, lamp.

{End of Lesson plan Day 1}

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