Common and proper noun lesson plan for Grade 1 English Grammar


Today our purpose is to differentiate between common and proper nouns in context.

We already know what naming words are. Today, we will learn about proper and common naming words and how they are different. For example, Anil and boy.

We will require the following resources:

  • Worksheets of Common and proper nouns
  • English Grammar Copy 

Before moving ahead, let’s review some important vocabulary. 

Noun: a naming word that refers to a person, place, thing, or animal.

Common noun: naming word for a person, place, thing, or animal in general.

Proper Noun: naming word for a specific person, place, thing, or animal.

Specific: connected or limited to 1 particular thing only.


  1. Let’s get into pairs for this activity!
  2. Let’s read the sentences given/ written on the board. (Please write this sentence on the board.)
  3. Now, which words begin with a capital letter and which do not?
Let’s Read the sentences.
Adam is a boy. Ellie is a girl. They live in Delhi.

Raise your hands to answer! We will write the words on the board on a table.


4. Now, let’s play a game! Read the naming words that I will write on the board.

What kind of naming words are these? How are they different?

Discuss with your partner.

Noel, cat, Chennai, bat

5. Which words should go in which column of the table on the board?

Raise your hands to answer!

6. Now let’s watch a video!

(you can show appropriate video from youtube)

Activity Discussion

OK, now let’s discuss the activity.

You can ask a couple of questions such as:

Q: How are the words in column 1 different from the word in column 2?

(You can allow any 3 students in your class.)

Explanation Time:

  • The words written in column 1 of the table all begin with small letters.
  • The words written in column 2 of the table all begin with capital letters.

OK, now ask another question:

Q: How did we sort the naming words?

(Let’s hear it from at least 4 students!)

After asking, you can explain as follows:

  • We sorted the naming words on whether they begin with a capital letter or a small letter. For example Anil and boy.
  • When we use the word boy, it can mean any boy. When we use the word, Anil, it is the name of 1 specific boy.
  • The word boy is a common naming word. COMMON naming words are SPECIFIC names of people, places, things and animals. They always begin with a capital letter.
Proper Naming WordsCommon Naming Words

After all these activities, you can ask some questions which will challenge the higher cognitive domain of students i.e.

Q: How will you use the naming words Anil and boy in the same sentence? (You can hear it from 2 students)


  • We can use these words in sentences like, Anil is a boy. Anil is a tall boy. Anil is nice or sweet boy.

For practice, you can provide these worksheets in class.

More tips:

This is a good time to walk around the class and see what each child is doing.

Those needing more help: Read the worksheet once along with the students. Ask questions like: which naming words begin with a capital letter> And which begin with a small letter?

Extra challenge: Make a sentence, using the naming words: Alex and fish.

End of Lesson Plan (PART 1)


Let’s start by reviewing what we have learned in the last class (Part 1 lesson plan).

There are two types of naming words: Common naming words and proper naming words.

Write a table on the board as follows:

Look at the difference between them.

Common Naming WordsProper Naming Words
• general names of people, places, things, and animals.
•begin with a small letter.
• specific names of people, places, things, and animals
•always begin with a capital letter
People: girl, boyPeople: Sima, Sandy
Places: city, riverPlaces: Chennai, Yamuna
Things: building, chipsThings: Taj Mahal, Dr. Chip
Animals: bird, dogAnimals: Tweety, Fluffy

Practice Questions:

  1. Write the words that are naming words.

four cry father paper goat laugh

2. Read the poem.

This boy Tom,

And his mom,

Drank some tea,

With little Lee.

A. Write the common naming words.

B. Write the proper naming words.

3. A. Name two of your favorite kinds of cars.

B. Are these common or proper names?

4. Answer each question with a proper naming word.

A. Who is your best friend?

B. Who likes to read books?

5. Write one sentence about Molly and her dog, Leo.

End of Lesson plan Part 2

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